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The enormous amounts of circumstantial evidence regarding the Unification of Gravity.


The comprehensive Mathematical Proof being found on


1.  The first enormous piece of evidence is the fact that the Acceleration of earth's Gravity multiplied by the Orbit Time of the earth equals the Velocity of Gravity.  This is the Velocity of Photonic division.  Earth's Gravity (9.80175174 m/s2)  x  earth's Orbit Time (30,585,600 seconds) (an exact lunar year)  =  299,792,458 meters per second.  The velocity of photons (originating from the sun and all stars).  Photons are q-Particles divided by Distance (q/AZ2).  When photons are multiplied by heat (A2Z3) and Velocity (AZ) the product is Energy or (Pressure x Volume) which is also defined as an atmosphere of q-Particles surrounding the earth moving towards the center of the earth (Gravity).


2.  The second enormous evidence is the fact that  Pressure x Volume = Electricity (kg/ms2 x m3 = kgm2/s2).  Therefore Electricity divided by Volume = Pressure.  Pressure = Force divided by Area.  Therefore Electricity divided by Volume = Force divided by Area.  Because Volume (Length x Width x Height) is one dimension greater than Area (Length x Width) and Pressure is a Force upon two dimensions this then demands that; Electricity must be a Force upon 3 dimensions.  And because Force = Mass x Acceleration.  Electricity must be Electrical-Mass moving in 3 dimensions and if Gravity is Electrical-Mass moving towards a volumetric center then Gravity is Energy.  The Pressure of Electrical-Mass upon earth is the true reality of Gravity.  Gravity has now been undeniably connected to Energy.


3.  A moving ball in space is a definition of energy however the mathematical equation that the moving ball portrays is only  kgm/s (Mass x Acceleration x Time) whereas Energy is defined as  kgm2/s2 (Mass x Acceleration2 x Time2).  The Acceleration of Gravity (A) and Time (Z) are the missing (hidden) units of Velocity regarding the ball in space.


4.  When you take the diameter of the image of the moon in the night's sky (reflecting off of a mirror placed upon the ground) and multiply it by the Velocity of Photon Acceleration you get the exact physical diameter of the moon.  1.159 cm  x  299,792,458  =  3474.8 kilometers.


5.  The  AxZ  within the true Energy equation  E = q(AZ)2  is Velocity = Temperature.  When an object (air) is heated it rises.  It rises because it's Gravitational Factor (A) increases and this is the core reason that its overall  "Temperature" (AxZ) increases.


6.  When you run Electricity through a coil of wire it increases the A factor of the wire.  Because the Mass of the wire is composed of Accelerated Photons (Mass = q x A) (Electrical-Mass x Acceleration), when that Acceleration factor is increased via the Electrical input, the pressure of the Electrical-Mass (Gravity) surrounding the coil is decreased and so the coil then levitates off of the table. (video)


7.  Electricity pushed into a battery increases the Coulombs (AZ2) (Charge) of the battery.  A Coulomb is a unit of Distance (Acceleration x Time2) (electron Orbit Diameter).  Then when the battery is used, the orbits shrink and the increased electron velocity is expelled from the battery as electric current.


8.  When a wire is wrapped around a nail and electricity is run through the wire, the electricity moving around the nail changes the lattice of the atomic structure of the nail which then creates a one directional Photonic Flow through the nail and thus causes it to become Magnetic.


9.  A wooden toy wheel hanging from the rearview mirror of your car will cling to the dashboard when you "decrease" the Acceleration of the car (step on the brakes).  The wooden wheel presses up against and clings to, is being held to the dashboard via 2 dimensional inertial Magnetism (Mass Pressure).  While de-celerating, the car possesses a different Mass Acceleration (Gravity) than the toy wheel and thus the wheel and the dashboard cling to one another.  Non inertial Magnetism is the flow of Mass.  Electrical-Mass.


10.  Because the q-Particle is a factor of both Light, Gravity, and Magnetism, when you stick your tongue on a cold steel fence your tongue is actually being Magnetically (Gravitationally) stuck to that steel.  Gravity = Electrical-Mass Pressure = Temperature differences between q-Particles (relative to Density).  Heated air rises because of its greater (AxZ) value within the m/AZ  = Temperature difference.  A warm tongue on cold steel  =  strong Magnetism.  q-Particles in your tongue (all Mass is made up of q-Particles) are Magnetically pressed onto the steel.


11.  A welding machine changes Electricity into Light and Heat.  Light x Heat = Electricity mAZ2 (Energy).  m/AZ  x  A2Z3  =  mAZ2.


12.  Temperature is equal to particle Velocity x the amount of Distance away from a Heat source.  Temperature (Velocity) = Heat divided by Distance.  AZ  =  A2Z3  /  AZ2.


13.  Silicone dioxide (quartz) is composed mainly of Electrical-Mass = m/Z = Mass divided by Time = the Electrical Ohm (Resistance).  Quartz (sand, glass) is used as the prominent insulator for both electrical and temperature suppression.  Electrical-Mass is the Resistance to the Acceleration of Electrical-Mass.  This is why quartz is used as the main suppressor to Temperature and Electrical flow.


14.  Regarding rainbows.  The diameter of the sun in the sky during a rainbow compared to the the diameter of the rainbow, is equal to the Time distance between the viewer's eye and the water vapor as the actual Diameter of the sun has been contracted down by the Photonic Pressure of Gravity as the image is then projected upon the water vapor.  Distance in seconds between the viewer's eye and the wall of water vapor  x  the Velocity of Gravity  =  the Diameter of the sun in the sky compared to the Diameter of the Rainbow. (diagram)


15.  The earth's Magnetic Field has long been presumed to be the cause of the Northern Lights which is now proven Mathematically.  When you take the earth (m) and multiply it by Time (Z) and the earth's Magnetic Field (m/AZ3) divided by Photons (m/Z) you get the northern lights.

m  x  Z  x  m/AZ3  /  m/Z   =   m/AZ   =   Light.


16.  If we stood in a forest of all white trees we would indeed only see white.  And so Olber's paradox then asks why we don't see the night sky as all light rather than darkness.  When we look into the night's sky, every view line certainly ends at a star so in fact the darkness of the night's sky should indeed be seen as all light.  The reason this does not happen is because the ocean of Photons around the earth (Gravity) is contracting all Light coming toward the earth.  This is the same as darkness being expanded.  Therefore the space between stars is made to be greater than the area occupied by stars.














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