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E = qA2Z2


The one and only equation for Energy which is a product of

Light  x  Heat.


E = Energy

q = Mass / Acceleration = Photonic-Mass   q x A = "Mass as we see it".

A = Gravitational Acceleration

Z = Orbit Time

A x Z = Velocity of Heat (Velocity of Gravity)



The above Energy equation is the one and only True Energy equation

that fulfills all of the historically proven Electrical equations.





In order to understand Heat, we must first fully understand Light, and before we can understand Light we must absolutely first understand Gravity.  And this is the very reason that light and heat have been so misunderstood for so long.  It has all originated from the confusion and misunderstanding of exactly what Gravity is.

Gravity is not a pulling force.  Gravity is the Pressure of Light products surrounding the earth.



Light is Mass burning, simple as that.

There is no source of Light in the universe that is produced by any means other than the burning of Mass.

Light is  m / Z  =  Mass divided by Time = Mass melting.

m / Z  means  Mass moving slower than Time.  Z / m  is radioactive Mass and that is Mass that has an orbit Time which is faster than the orbit Time of earth.  All Mass has an orbit Time and Light is a piece of Mass who's orbit Time has become "less" than the orbit Time of the earth.

Mass divided by Time is directly proportional to the Mass being divided by its own Expansion (Gravity).  Mass with much less Expansion Acceleration has proportionally less orbit and this is why Light is stationary in the universe.  Light is the Sun.  The sun is Mass melting into quantum particles of Light.  Because Light = m / Z we can see that as it acquires Time (Z) it is continually creating Mass.  The Mass that is being created is not within the sun but rather within space.  The Light (m/Z) that comes off of the sun combines with the A2Z3 of Expanding Mass in space.  And as this Mass expands into these new stationary Light particles, new Mass energy is created  The sun is continually losing Light and the earth is continually hitting stationary Light and thusly gaining Mass.  Hence;


The sun melting = Mass loss =

Mass loss into quantum stars.

Those Light particles then hitting earth =

m / Z   x   Z   =   Mass

Earth moving past stationary Light = Time.

Light   x   Time   =   Mass

The earth hitting stationary Light = Mass gain.



Light  x  Time  =  Mass

Light is making Mass out of Time.  It may sound difficult to comprehend however our understanding is what needs to change, not the physics or the math.  Let's not repeat the flat earth dilemma.

Because Light's Expansion Acceleration is so much less than (non-burning) Mass, it remains stationary in space, remember that Expansion causes Orbit.  And because Light is the only known matter that is stationary or outside of Expansion, it is then continually colliding with all expanding mass.  Mass does not collide with other mass because all of space is expanding.  However because Light is stationary it collides with Mass.

A perfect analogy is a moving train, if you are standing beside the train you are Light, if you jump onto one of the cars you jump "into" Time (Time = Mass in orbit past stationary Light) (earth orbiting the sun) and so as you jump onto the railcar you become a piece of orbiting Mass.  Light is outside of Time, which is in complete keeping with  m / Z,  Mass divided by Time.

Light = an Ohm (long proven via Electrical Engineering) and Mass divided by Time, m/Z = Electrical Resistance.  Quantum stationary light particles within a wire create the electrical resistance against that flow of electricity (Electricity = the Expansion of Mass x Distance through a wire.)

Water is the resistance against a boat floating atop stationary water.  Air is the resistance against a plane floating upon stationary air.  Light is the resistance of electricity floating upon a stationary Light field (Electric Field = m/Z2).  Pure physics harmony.

The simplest example of heat is the sun.  The sun is continually igniting mass and continually fractalizing itself into quantum replicas of itself.  Below is a (very rough) graphic of the sun fractalizing into quantum stars.  As Mass burns it breaks into smaller burning mass, exact replicas of itself until it is so small that it becomes what we commonly refer to as a "Light Particle" (Photon).




These particles (Light) are then held stationary in space via their low Expansion Acceleration (Expansion x Orbit Time = AxZ = Orbit Velocity = Velocity of Gravity = Velocity of Electricity) (Einstein's mistaken speed of light).  As we then encounter this light via our own expansion acceleration, these quantum (emphasis quantum) particles enter our bodies tanning our skin and creating heat within us (higher quantity of energy within our bodies).  This is also the reason that old newspapers turn beige and why a magnifying glass creates flame.




Now we can grasp exactly what Heat is.


Heat  =  the  A2Z3  section of the true Energy equation.


  Heat is our Expansion into stationary Light.  Heat is "Expansion Velocity"  x  "Expansion Distance".  Be sure to understand - Heat is not "hot" until it hits a particle of Light, then it becomes hot = Heat Energy = m(AZ)2.


m/Z   x   A2Z3  =  Heat  =  Energy = m(AZ)2


E = mA2Z2


A2Z3 = AZ x AZ2 = our expansion.  AxZ = Velocity of Gravity, and AZ2 = Distance of Gravity travel.

As we expand into stationary Light, the light particle transforms into Heat Energy = an increase in Velocity of Orbit.  An increase in atomic motion.

And what you're about to discover here is one of the most interesting and astounding facts revealed in the last 500 years of Physics.


Fire, Flame, is not hot, it's cold.


Fire, Flame, Light  is the  m / Z  section of the heat equation.  Technically Heat is not "energy" because Heat only becomes "hot" when it's mixed with Light.

If flame (m / Z) was hot then flame itself would be energy.  Flame is not energy, therefore flame absolutely cannot be hot.  Pure and simple physics.

You then say "please", I put my hand in flame and my hand gets hot, stop the insanity.

But be patient.  Yes, your hand gets hot but it's not from the flame, it's from the combination of Light and Gravity (Expansion Acceleration).  The combination of the particles of light (flame) and the  A2Z3  (your expansion velocity x distance).  When those two combine then your hand gets hot.  Then you feel heat as those trillions of light particles fractalize off of the flame and enter your hand as Energy (m/Z x A2Z3 = mA2Z2 = Energy).

The equation for heat is;


q / Z   x   A2Z3  =  q(AZ)2  =  Energy


So, is the sun hot or cold ?  Because it's melting and that would make it hot.  However we know for fact that Light is cold until hit by Expansion and the sun is just a giant Light particle.  So what is the sun ?  Hot or Cold ?  Yes indeed, the sun is actually cold.  We feel the heat of its Light because we are expanding into its trillion trillion Light particles but those particles are cold until we hit them.  So the sun itself is actually cold to everything except a giant person who would expand into the sun as a whole (not its Light particle offspring) because the definition of the sun is that it is a giant "cold" Light particle.  So the sun's light "particles" to us, would be the same as the sun "itself" to a giant person who the sun would enter into.  Astounding True and Pure Physics.

It has also long been thought that heat is the "motion" or increase of molecular activity or increase of electron movement of any given piece of mass.  And this is true but not completely in keeping with today's definition of atomic activity.  The orbit of the atom increases, however the atoms do not bounce around, the orbit of the atom simply increases in Velocity and Distance.  Exactly why a heated piece of Mass increases in size.  It has long been thought that the electrons were "bouncing around" and thusly this would then cause the more spacious difference between a gas and a solid.  However this "bouncing space" theory has just been a compensation theory to explain the long unknown reality of greater orbit Velocity (AZ) and greater orbit Distance (AZ2).



As depicted in the picture above the common theory is that the spacing between the atoms increases due to "movement" however this is not so, what should be depicted is only increased spacing due to larger "Orbit Distances".



E = qA2Z2


Gravity is  not  a pulling force.


Gravity is a Pushing force of the Pressure of Light.






The Unification of Gravity with Einsteinís  E=mc2

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www. EinsteinGravity .com



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