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Calculation of the Earth's Magnetic Field



To determine the magnetic field surrounding any planet the equation is;


1   /   orbit Velocity


1   /   AZ



From we get;


The Velocity factor "c" within Albert's  E=mc2  should have been reduced to its core factors of (Acceleration x Time) the building blocks of Velocity.  And because it wasn't, all of the historically known Electrical entities (Volt, Amp, Ohm, etc) that are housed "within" the one true equation for Energy were then kept hidden from Einstein.


E = mc2

Electrical Energy = electrical mass x (Velocity of Light)2

more precisely

Electrical Energy = electrical mass x (Acceleration x Time)2


m = Electrical Mass        A = Acceleration        Z = Time


hence the one true equation for Electrical Energy becomes;


E = mc2

E = m(AZ)2

E = mA2Z2





The Velocity of Light = the Acceleration of Gravity x earth's orbit Time.


Earth's Gravity (9.80 m/s2)  x  earth's orbit Time (30591067.1428570401 seconds, exact lunar year)  =  the Velocity of Light  299,792,458 m/s.


Gravity is the Pressure of ether-Mass originating from the sun that is right now pushing us down onto the earth.  If a person implements the traditional (erroneous) "pulling" definition of Gravity (or Einstein's curved space-time) into the following algebra they will only induce needless confusion to themselves and others.  Please do not implement today's mistaken (pulling) Gravity into the following mathematically proven truth.



All of the Electrical equations below have been proven a long time ago via

Electrical Engineering and hundreds of years of scientific history.



Electricity  =  m(AZ)2

            Joule  =  mA2Z2

           Watt  =  mA2Z

      Coulomb  =  mA

            Volt  =  AZ2

              Amp  =  mA/Z

        Weber  =  AZ3

            Farad  =  m/Z2

           Ohm  =  Z3/m

             Tesla  =  1/AZ

      Siemens  =  m/Z3

       El. Field  =  Volt/Meter = 1/1

         Henry  =  Z4/m

 Acceleration  =  A

           Time  =  Z



All units above completely coincide with all Wikipedia SI units.






Magnetic Field


Continuing we need to imagine a big picture of earth's Magnetic Field.






In the image above, the equation for Magnetic Field (Tesla, 1 / AZ) can also bee seen as;

The Energy of the sun combusting (mA2Z2) divided by the Mass of space, the Heat coming off of the sun, the Velocity of that heat, and the Frequency of those heat waves.







 Mass (m)  x  Heat (A2Z3)  x  Velocity (AZ)  x  Frequency (1/Z)





1 / AZ

the Magnetic Field (Tesla) of the earth.






From we know that Energy is coming off of the sun in the form of  E = mA2Z2  which is the same as;


ether-Mass  x  Heat  x  Frequency  =  m  x  A2Z3  x  1/Z


E  =  m  x  A2Z3  x  1/Z

E = mA2Z2

E = m(AZ)2

E  =  Space  x  Heat  x  Frequency



Via combustion, the sun's Mass is being disintegrated into q-particles (quantum mass) thus producing waves that travel at the velocity of light and as they then form a Pressure around the earth, they push the earth in its orbit.  The resulting velocity of the earth and movement through the ether is what gives the earth its Magnetic Field.  This is the exact same physics that causes any metallic object to become a Magnet except on earth, the physics is reversed.  Magnets on earth are created via the movement of q-particles into the earth (Gravity) as they move through an atomically aligned piece of metal.



Must See -



The accepted Magnetic Field of the earth is indeed



.000032584773925436  Teslas



In 1600 William Gilbert was the first to state that earth itself was a Magnet which it most certainly is.

Note :  This is Wikipedia's definition of where the earth gets its Magnetic Field from;

Wikipedia - Earth's magnetic field is produced in the outer liquid part of its core due to a dynamo that produces electrical currents there.



Not so.



The earth's Magnetic Field is produced by pushing Gravity.  All stars are shedding quantum-Mass that is constantly pressing upon the earth (Gravity) and moving through the atomic lattice of the earth to form the earth's Magnetic Field.  The Velocity of a planet is what determines the Magnetic Field of any planet.






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