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It has been Mathematically proven that Isaac Newton,

one of the most famous scientists in history,

actually broke two of his own fundamental Laws.



Isaac Newton's Fundamental and UN-breakable Laws;


# 1     An object at rest will remain at rest unless it is pushed by Mass.


# 2     F = mA     Force  =  Mass x Acceleration.  (the Mass is "engaged" in the "motion" of Acceleration)




Pay very close attention to this.  For hundreds of years man has been saying that there was no  "Mass"  pushing down on Newton's apple.


F = mA

The  m  must always be "engaged" in the "motion" of the Acceleration

in order to truly belong to the  F.




When contemplating Gravity, Isaac Newton broke his first fundamental and  "UN-breakable"  Law when he declared that the apple (which was at rest) began to move downward without a visible  "Mass-Force"  acting upon it.

And you may say; "No, Gravity (a Mass-Force) acted upon the apple causing it to move downward".  However if you choose to say that then you will be making the exact same error that Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein made.  Because according to Pure and True Physics, in order for any object to be Accelerated, a Mass-Force must touch the object.  A piece of Mass that is Accelerating  must push upon  the second mass.

Any you may reply;  "But Gravity doesn't actually touch anything because it certainly didn't physically touch Isaac Newton's falling apple."  And truth will then reply to you;  "Actually Gravity did touch it.  Gravity - the pressure of all Light Products pushed Isaac Newton's apple to the ground.



Isaac Newton broke his own first and fundamental Law by declaring that the apple began to move without  "Mass" pushing on it.


And the way that Isaac Newton accommodated his giant and monumental error for Gravity, was by miss-assigning the Mass in his famous  F = mA  equation.  Instead of assigning his  "m"  to the divisional Acceleration of Photons (m/Z) that are being continually shed by the sun, he assigned it to his apple.


Why ?


Because Isaac could not see the Acceleration of Photon-Flow but he most certainly did see his  "secondary"  movement of the apple.

Isaac Newton implemented one of the greatest scientific (Mathematical) errors in the history of Physical science by transposing the  "m"  in his fundamental and immovable  F = mA  from the entity of a Photon to his apple.

The Force of any object including Gravity  cannot  be attributed to the Acceleration of a different object, it must be attributed to absolutely and only the Acceleration of the object that is creating the Force.  If Isaac wanted to express the Force of Gravity he had to use the Mass of a Photon and not the Mass of the apple.


The Force (F) of Gravity equals the Mass (m) of Photon Division not the inverse Mass of the apple.


Newton   F = m x A
Error by transference   Force of Gravity = Mass of the Apple x Acceleration of Gravity


Truth   F = m x A
Proven via pure Mathematics   Force of Gravity = Mass of Photons x  Acceleration of Photon Division


An absolutely unacceptable error in True and Pure Physics.



As Photons continue to be shed by the sun and divide (division of Mass is exactly what is being defined by the Mathematical equation of the Photon m/Z) (Mass divided by Time) (Photons dividing into smaller Photons) they then form the pressure of all Light products = Gravity.



And so the "m" of the Force of Gravity most certainly cannot be represented by the m of Newton's apple but rather it must be represented by the  m  of the Photons.

The bigger the Mass of the apple the greater the Force of the Gravity but never

 rocket equals a greater force of Gravity.  Whereas Isaac Newton transposed his Acceleration to be that of the apple instead of the object creating the Gravity.

And the reason that this error was able to go undetected for so long is because Newton's mistake will still give a correct  "numerical"  answer, however the true and pure physics of the scenario becomes absolutely misconstrued.




The biggest dilemma with the above truth is how to enable people to comprehend the  "Expansion"  of Mass.  And this cannot be done unless a person has a clearer understanding of the relationship between Mass and Electricity.  Mass is mass upon the surface of Electricity.

Exactly the same as when applying a force to liquid cornstarch.  When a force is applied it causes the liquid to become a solid.




Our world is made up of Mass because we are on the surface of Electricity (Mass Expansion).  However outside of Expansion Acceleration our existence is more realistically defined as liquid.  And this is why Mass is absolutely able to engage in Expansion.  This is why Electricity is also defined in terms of a liquid.  Volt (mA) would equal the amount of liquid moving through a hose and Ampere (AZ) would equal the velocity of the liquid moving through the hose.

The right hand image below is the exact display of the truth of Gravity and our universe.  Note that the  m  and  A  in  F=mA  is the opposite of what Newton declared.   We know for fact that the middle image below is absolutely true.  So we need to ask ourselves; Do we go with what we know to be absolutely true or do we stay with Newton's misplacement ?  Of course the answer is that we embrace pure Mathematics and the middle image.

The truth of Gravitational Force is the Expansion Acceleration of the earth  x  the Mass of the astronaut or the apple.  The  "m"  must belong to the object experiencing the Gravity and the  "A"  must belong to the object creating the Gravity.  Absolute Fact.




In all three scenarios above and in  ALL  examples in Physics anywhere in the universe, the Acceleration always belongs to the Force.

Isaac Newton transposed the Acceleration to the apple because that is all he could have possibly done with the knowledge and observation that he had at the time.



When a car pushes on another stationary car, you have the Mass and the Acceleration both belonging to the first car pushing the second car.  You cannot say that the Mass alone of the first car causes the second car to Accelerate.  But this is exactly what man has been doing for  300 years by declaring that Mass (Gravity) can pull an object through space.

Exactly what Newton did in order to implement his erroneous definition of Gravity.  And the only reason he did this is because he couldn't have contemplated the  Expansion Acceleration  of the earth.

Newton declares that only the Mass (Gravity) of the earth causes the Acceleration of the apple downward.  This is absolutely dead Physics.  By making such a hasty definition for Gravity, Isaac Newton then in fact broke two of his  "fundamental"  Laws.  A great great tragedy !!

The Acceleration in the picture below belongs to the pushing car.  It cannot belong to the Volkswagen like the Acceleration that Newton erroneously placed upon his apple.  The Acceleration within any Force that pushes an object  "must"  belong to the Force of the pushing Mass itself.  It can never never belong to the second object alone.


The Acceleration must belong to the Force ! !



The Acceleration must belong to the Force !


Isaac Newton cut up Pure and True physics and re-pasted it in order to accommodate his inability to see the divisional Acceleration of the sun's Mass.   m/Z   "The Photon".


When an object moves it can only move because another piece of Mass is acting upon it.  One object only moves because there is a Force pushing on it, an  "m x A"  pushing on it.  And the  "A"  must belong to the pushing Mass, not the object that is being pushed.  In the picture above the Volkswagen does not have any Acceleration.  Newton claimed that his apple did not have any Mass pushing upon it.  But Isaac Newton gave his apple Acceleration because he didn't conceive the Acceleration of Photons.  Newton would have never thought of attaching the Acceleration to Light to his apple because never in a million years would Newton have thought that Light had such Mass.  This knowledge could only have ever come through the Mathematical Unification of Gravity.



There is absolutely no  "Force"  pulling on the apple above.


No the gravity of the earth is not pulling on the apple because the Mass  "must"  belong to the Acceleration of  F = mA (the Mass must be "engaged" in the "motion" of Acceleration).  The  "A"  absolutely cannot belong to the apple.  And it does not because the apple is truly only floating in space.

Isaac had to make up his physical definition for Gravity in order to explain his "perceived" Acceleration of Gravity even though it breaks both of his first two fundamental Laws.


# 1.  Absolutely nothing can move unless it is pushed by a piece of Mass.

You absolutely  CANNOT  break this Law.

(Email us with any example of a Force moving a piece of Mass and we will prove to you that it is being pushed by another piece of Mass.)


# 2.  The  "m"  of  F = mA  must be engaged in the "motion" of Acceleration in order for  F = mA  to be literally true.

You absolutely  CANNOT  break this Law.



When Isaac saw his apple fall he could have never really considered the TRUE option that the apple was actually floating in space and that Photons were pressing down upon it because what man cannot see he usually tends to not conceive.  The biggest question man should have been asking is;  "How could a pulling Gravity possibly determine Distance in order to distinguish its Force ?"

Exactly like the case would be if Newton's tree was a lot higher above the earth.  If Newton's tree was 10 kilometers above the earth (outer space) and the apple separated from the tree (due to the death of the stem and no other reason) the apple would simply float in space, exactly as it does when the tree is only 2 meters above the earth.  The apple is still floating in space but now it is being pushed by Photonic division.

From the very moment that Newton's apple separated from the tree you absolutely cannot break Isaac Newton's very first and fundamentally unbreakable Law that declares that any Mass at rest will remain at rest.  When the apple left the tree it  could not  move downwards unless there absolutely was  "Mass"  pushing on it.

For thousands of years man has watched the sun rise and for thousands of years man continued to think that the sun was actually moving.  And during that Galilean time if anyone had ever perhaps thought that the earth was spinning rather than the sun moving across the sky, they would have then immediately concluded that if the earth was indeed spinning then people would be falling off of the earth as it rotated.  And so therefore they would have just concluded even further and more erroneously that the sun  "must"  be the object that is moving.

And so for thousands of years man was held prisoner not only to the false movement of the sun but also to his false understanding of Gravity.  And so exactly what was it that then revealed the truth of the sun's movement to man ?  It was the true reality of Gravity that exposed that Physics to man.  The fact that man would not fall off of the earth as it rotated is the ultimate foundation of what is behind our understanding of whether or not the sun is moving.


From the time of Galileo to this day man has still been held prisoner.

Prisoner to a lack of a complete understanding of Gravity.

However today that historical enslavement is ended.


For every  "motion"  there is an inverse and erroneous opposite motion.  For the motion of a spinning merry-go-round the erroneous opposite is the universe spinning around the stationary ride.  For the motion of a car moving down the street the erroneous opposite is the street moving past the stationary car.  And for the motion of the erroneous Pulling of Gravity there is the opposite and true Acceleration of Photon division pressing us upon the earth.  Man is now being released from thousands of years of being held prisoner to an erroneous pulling Gravity.  What does that then say about black holes and dark matter ?

Today we would never ever ever try to declare that the sun is moving around the earth.  And guess what, in just twenty short years from now man will never ever ever try to declare that the sun is pulling on the earth or the earth is pulling on the moon.  But rather all Photonic division in the universe is engaging in creating Light pressure upon all Mass.

And right now  You  reading these very words are in one of only two categories.  You are either the exact same type of person who would have kept on refuting Galileo as he declared that the earth was spinning or you are soon to become a person who diligently studies the facts and comes to realize that indeed the sun is not moving.


Have a look at the comparisons within this table regarding the motion of the sun and what the people of Galileo's time had concluded in comparison to today's understanding of Gravity.


Motion Of The Sun In The Year 1600 (Galileo) Motion Of A Falling Apple In The Year 2008

1.   People were sure that the sun was moving.

1.  People are sure that the apple is being pulled by an invisible Force.

2.  Movement strongly but wrongly reinforced by the false presumption that people would fall off of a rotating earth.

2.  Movement strongly but wrongly reinforced by the false presumption that Light is not the source of Gravity.

3.  To suggest that the earth was rotating was absolutely  "outrageous". 3.  To suggest that solid mass is created by Accelerating a Photon to some people is  "outrageous".
4.  400 short years later it is absolutely ridiculous to even suggest that the sun is moving. 4.  20 short years from now it will be absolutely ridiculous to even suggest that Gravity is just a "quirky" Force.
5.  The truth was made possible by an advanced understanding of Gravity. 5.  The truth was made possible by trusting pure and simple Mathematics.
6.  The exact specific reason that the sun does not move is because sun is a Photon and the Mathematical definition of a Photon is m/Z, Mass divided by Time.  Division by Time means separation from orbit.  No orbit means stationary. 6.  The exact specific reason that Gravity does not pull is because there is no difference between outer space and inner space except for air molecules and the pressure of Light products.
7.  Science needed Time to render its final judgment. 7.  Science needs nothing more than present Mathematics to render its final judgment.






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