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The Truth Behind Planck's  "Constant".


The following is based upon the one true Energy equation found on


E = mc2

E = m(velocity of light)2

E = m(Acceleration x Time)2

E = m(AZ)2



E = Energy

q = Electrical-Mass

A = Gravitational Acceleration

Z = Orbit Time

A x Z = Velocity of Light (Velocity of Electricity) (Velocity of Gravity)




The equation for Planck's Constant is defined as;


E = hc / λ


Energy = Planck's Constant x 299,792,458 m/s  /  Wavelength (meters)


h = Eλ / c


Planck's Constant = Energy x Wavelength / 299,792,458 m/s



Before we can understand Planck's Constant we first need to completely understand Frequency and Orbit Time.

Frequency is simply an Orbit Time that is faster than the clock measuring it.  Have a look at this image and picture the stopwatch ticking as the particle orbits.



If the particle took exactly one second to orbit, the Frequency would be 1 Hertz (1 Orbit per Second) and the Orbit Time would also be 1 Second (1 Second per Orbit).

And so when the orbit begins to move faster than that one second, the measurement then turns into Frequency and when the orbit begins to move slower than the one second the measurement turns into Orbit Time.

Planck's measurements were in Frequency because a photon moves through a cycle (wavelength) faster that one cycle per second.  And the orbit of the earth is measured in Orbit Time because the earth moves through an orbit slower than one orbit per second.

However in scientific circles a calculation that has not been known is that the product of;


Wavelength  x  Frequency  =  Speed of Gravity

AZ2     x     1/Z     =     AZ


is parallel to


Gravitational Acceleration  x  Orbit Time  =  Speed of Gravity

A   x   Z   =   AZ


The results are exactly equal however the units are not.

In the true energy equation Wavelength is comparable to Gravitational Acceleration (A) and Frequency is comparable to Orbit Time (Z).

When Frequency (1/Z) is changed into Orbit Time (Z) the Wavelength is not also just flipped to the inverse rather the AZ2 of Wavelength is then changed into Acceleration (A).


Wavelength is represented by Orbit Diameter (AZ2) as
you can see regarding the path of the particle below.




According to Max Planck,


E = mass x (Wavelength x Frequency)2


But according to the one True Energy equation,


  E = Electrical-Mass x (Gravitational Acceleration x Orbit Time)2


If we compare the symbols we see that,


E = q(AZ2 x 1/Z)2

is the same as

E = q(A x Z)2

which is  "numerically"  the same as

E = mc2



So Wavelength (Distance) (AZ2) becomes Acceleration of Gravity (A) when Frequency is changed to Orbit Time.  And this will become very evident when we see the relationship between Planck's Constant and the True Energy equation.

According to the True Energy equation   E = q(AZ)2   or   E = qA2Z2   the three equations below give us an exact overview of Planck's Constant.


E = qA2Z1

E = qA2Z2

E = qA2Z3




Energy / Time


Energy x Time



(Planck's Constant)


Planck's Constant is simply just another term for Energy x Time,

or a   JouleSecond.


And the relationship between Orbit Time (Z) and the following is the same.

 Power  x  Orbit Time     =     Planck's Constant (Action)  x  Frequency.

qA2Z   x   Z     =     qA2Z3   x  1/Z

Energy     =     Energy


Acceleration x Time is the complete foundational reality (root core) of Velocity.  And in the equation

2 m/s2   x  5 seconds = 10 m/s

Acceleration   x Time = Velocity

the value for Acceleration is not a Constant.  It is simply the root of the foundational equation for Velocity.  But because Mr. Planck did not fully understand the True Energy equation  E = q(AZ)2  he was led to believe that he had found a Constant.  Planck's Constant is not a Constant.  It is simply the physics reality known as Action which is (Energy x Time).

Let's start with a real life example, the one found here on Wikipedia under

Planck's Constant


The third paragraph down under the heading;

Significance of the size of the Planck Constant  -

these are the the values that are given for the example of Green Light.


GreenLight Wavelength = 555 Nanometers (10-9 meters)

(The actual value is  555.1712185185184 Nanometers)

The Scientific Community is not yet aware that
Wavelength = Orbit Diameter = Acceleration of Gravity x (Orbit Time)2

GreenLight Frequency = 540 TeraHerz (1012 Herz)

The Scientific Community is not yet aware that Frequency = 1/Orbit Time

GreenLight photon energy = 358 x 10-21 Joules

Mass of the photon (m = E / c2= 3.98328720067195 x 10-20 Kg.

Planck's Constant = 6.6260689633 x 10-34 JouleSeconds


Wavelength = Orbit Distance = AZ2

Frequency = 1/Orbit Time = 1/Z


Planck's Constant is really just the value for Action (qA2Z3)

Energy   x   Time


q(Wavelength)2(Frequency)2   x   Z   =   qA2Z3


q(AZ2)2 (1/Z)2   x   Z   =   qA2Z3


q(Wavelength)2  x  Frequency    =   qA2Z3


qA2Z4   x   1/Z   =   qA2Z3



So if we enter the values for

Mass   x   Wavelength2   x   Frequency  =  Planck's Constant.


We can easily see that;


calculator link if needed



3.98328720067195 x 10-36 Kg




(5.551712185185184 x 10-7 meters)2




5.40 x 1014 Hertz



The True Planck's Constant = 6.62606896330001 x 10-34 JouleSeconds

whereas the Scientific Community is currently using the mistaken

Planck's Constant = 6.6260689633 x 10-34 JouleSeconds


This is all based upon the assumption that the values for Green Light are correct.  However one thing is for certain;


Wavelength  x  Frequency


Gravitational Acceleration  x  Orbit Time

must  =

1.  The Speed of Light.

2.  The Speed of Electricity.

3.  The Speed of Gravity.


Wavelength of Green Light   =  .0000005551712185185184 m


Frequency of Green Light  =  540000000000000 1/s


The Speed of Light


299,792,458 m/s




Here's The Root Core Of The Situation.


If you ask someone where milk comes from and they tell you that it comes from the grocery store, they have given you a true answer but they have not given you the  "root core"  answer.  They have not given you the complete foundational reality.

When Albert Einstein declared that Energy comes from a combination of Mass and Velocity2, he gave us a true answer but not a complete foundational reality.


Velocity2 is

meters2 / second2

but Velocity is really

Acceleration x Time.


An object cannot obtain a Velocity without first Accelerating.

Acceleration2 x Time2 is the complete foundational reality of Velocity2.

Milk comes from the grocery store but it really comes from a cow.

Energy comes from Mass x Velocity2  but it really comes from

Mass x (Acceleration x Time)2.


1.  Imagine a car accelerating past your house.

2.  Albert then gives you the exact Velocity of the car when it's right in front of your house.

3.  Then Albert tells you that a friend of his (Mr. Planck) has also determined a whole "new" formula.  His formula declares that at any given "Time" along the car's path, Mr. Planck can multiply that Time by "his new Constant" (which just so happens to be the rate of Acceleration of the car) and he will then also be able to give us the Velocity of the car.

4.  Well to the unknowing person this seems as though Mr. Planck has discovered a whole new realm regarding the car and its Velocity.

5.  The reality is; Mr. Einstein just didn't give us the root core of the car's velocity.  Mr. Planck is simply using " a part " of the foundational truth, he's just using a section of the pure root core of the physics formula for the Velocity of the car that wasn't given to us by Mr. Einstein from the beginning.

6.  One person can say;  Velocity = m / s.

7.  Another person can say;  Velocity = Acceleration x Time.

8.  The first person was correct, the second person gave the whole truth.

9.  The blue Acceleration is not a Constant, it's just part of the root core.

  10.  Einstein said;  Velocity = meters / second

  11.  Planck said;  Velocity = (an Acceleration Constant) x Time

  12.  Planck said;  Energy = (his Constant) x Frequency



Planck  and  Einstein

(milk from the grocery store)




(milk from the cow)

The truth that  Willem Gravesande
gave us way back in 1730 a.d.


Velocity = meters / second Velocity = Acceleration x Time

Planck's Constant = JouleSeconds

Action = Energy x Time

Energy = mass(Speed of Light)2

Energy = Photonic-Mass(Speed of Light)2

Energy is equivalent to Mass.

Energy is equivalent to the Acceleration of electrical-mass that is within all Mass.

Gravity is a "pulling" force.

Gravity is a "pushing" force.

E = mc2


E = m(AZ)2



E=mc2  gives a correct numerical answer but is not the complete truth, not the true reality of Energy.


E = qc2

is the only true

equation for Energy.


Planck's Constant x Frequency gives a correct answer but is not the complete truth, not the core equation for Energy.


Action / Orbit Time

is the only true

equation for Energy.

Partial Physics Pure and True Physics





E = hv


E = the energy of a photon

h = Planck's Constant

v = the frequency of its associated electromagnetic wave.

The relation between the energy and the frequency is called the Planck relation.



v = c / λ


v = frequency

c = speed of light

λ = wavelength


And so the Planck relation then becomes;


E = hc / λ



Well according to the true Energy equation


E = q(AZ)2


E = Energy

q = Electrical-Mass

A = Gravitational Acceleration ~ Wavelength (λ)

Z = Time ~ Frequency

A x Z = Speed of Gravity


And so we can easily see that;


Energy = hc / λ

h = Planck's Constant   =   qA2Z3  =   Action (Energy x Time)


So the relationship between


E = hc / λ

E = q(AZ)2


Energy = h x c / λ
Energy = qA2Z3 x AZ / AZ2
Energy = qA2Z2

E = qA2Z2

E = q(AZ)2

E = qc2






The Unification of Gravity with Einsteinís  E=mc2

was discovered by 



See the complete and amazing story at

www. EinsteinGravity .com



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