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Rainbows  Hold Even  Further  Proof

To The Unification  Of Gravity

With Einstein's Relativity.




A rainbow is simply the enlargement of the exact circle of sunlight that has been projected upon the wall of water vapor prior to the Gravitational  "Expansion"  of that water vapor.  As the wall of water vapor comes in contact with the sunlight circle, it is expanded by gravity as gravity is the expansion of all mass in the universe.  And so as the small circle of sunlight is projected upon the wall of water vapor, it is then expanded into a rainbow within a split second before the refracted sunlight enters our eyes.

All mass (which includes water vapor) is expanding in the universe.  And this expansion is the factual and true definition of Gravity.

And light is stationary in the universe and we simply see light via our expansion through space as our eyes collide into any stationary light.  And so in any situation where a rainbow is produced, the prismatic colors are simply the expanded sight of that exact small circle of sunlight  that is being projected upon the wall of expanding water vapor in the rainstorm.



The original circle of sunlight is usually only around 1 inch in diameter.  This can be easily measured with strong sunglasses and a clear ruler.  And that is the exact and actual size of the full circle rainbow as it comes in contact with the water vapor wall.  Via Gravitational expansion that wall of water vapor is moving (expanding) through space and it then collides with the stationary 1 inch circle of sunlight and then immediately begins to expand the sunlight (light is moved only when continually pushed by mass).  That ring of sunlight as it is split into it's colors via the prismatic shaped molecule of water is then expanded via Gravity at the speed of light.  Gravity has long been known to travel at the speed of light.

The rainbow ring then expands between the distance and time that it first strikes the wall of water vapor until the rainbow then comes in contact with our eyes.  Thus we then see the difference in expansion from the 1 inch diameter circle of sunlight to the point where our eyes then view the rainbow inside the expanded water vapor.

In the diagram above, the earth and the water vapor are expanding through space as a direct result of the dimension of Gravity upon all mass in the universe.  When the water vapor reaches the stationary sunlight which was deposited by the sun upon space, it immediately begins to expand the sunlight because all light is stationary in the universe unless it is continually pushed by mass.  Then within the time it takes for an observer's eye to reach that light, the actual rainbow has expanded to it's final size.  So the expansion distance between A and B is both the exact expansion of the circle of sunlight as well as the Time and Distance it takes for the observer's eyes to reach that expanding sunlight.  Convergence happens at the resulting final rainbow image.


An incredible example of perfect physics between

Gravity, Mass, and Light.


The amazing reality as well is that color is simply the Orbit Order of the electrons of any particle.  In physics, the Frequency (1/Z) of light is equal to 1 / Orbit Time of the particle, and the Wavelength (AZ2) is equal to the Orbit Distance of the particle.

To put this in a much easier scope, if our galaxy was a particle (which indeed it is, except larger) then;


Pluto would be the physical display of        Red,

Neptune would be the physical display of    Yellow,

Uranus would be the physical display of      Green,

Saturn would be the physical display of       Indigo,

Jupiter would be the physical display of       Blue,

Mars would be the physical display of         Magenta.


Mercury, Venus, and Earth, would be examples of particles that have speeds of mass (Wavelength x Frequency) (Orbit Distance x 1 / Orbit Time) that are too fast to be seen by the human eye.


The colors of the rainbow below (a complete full circle rainbow) are on the perimeter of the circle of sunlight.  The inner part of any rainbow is void of color because those colors are invisible to the human eye.  The colors of those inner orbiting particles are either too fast to be seen by the human eye, or, there are no electrons that actually exist within that space of the atom.

The most amazing part of the whole reality, is that the full rainbow below actually gives a large picture of two things;

1.  Electrons (the colored rings) orbiting a proton.  The view of the electron orbits of a particle or planetary orbits of a galaxy.

2.  Light passing through a single water molecule.  In other words, the full circular rainbow below cast over an area of 5 miles;



is also an exact view of light passing through only one molecule of water. 

(The term "light passing through" is only used for explanatory purposes.  Light is stationary in the universe unless continually pushed by mass.  Light is simply a product of electromagnetic energy.)


In other words, the image that is created by sunlight penetrating the whole wall of water vapor within that 5 miles of atmosphere, is the exact same image that is created by sunlight that is penetrating only one single molecule of water.  A trillion water molecules spread out over 5 miles gives the exact same singular image as light passing through one water molecule under a microscope.  One would would expect to see millions of small rainbows in a thunderstorm (one for each water molecule) but just like the single "prismatic" water molecule below, we only see one rainbow within a 5 mile wall of water vapor.  Thus there is a law of conservation of mass/light at work.


Notice that the prism shape of the crystal below is what causes the separation of colors.  The light is not moving but is simply a trail display from the particles (electromagnetic energy) that is being projected through the prism.  Light is simply a display of particulate collision.  Light in the universe does not move unless continually pushed by mass.  Hence the particles are refracted through the prism according to their electron orbits.  In other words, if our galaxy was reduced to the size of atomic particles, as it passed through the prism, the planets would be refracted according to their Gravitational (expansion) velocities.  For it's the difference in (Gravity x Orbit time) (orbit order) that causes color.




As you can see below the shape of a water molecule is prismatic and thusly the reason why color is displayed when solar generated electromagnetic energy passes through water vapor.  And indeed it's astounding that millions of particles passing through millions of water molecules in a rainstorm display the same singular rainbow as those same particles passing through just one single water molecule.






The Size Of The Moon In The Sky Holds Even

Further  Proof To Unification


According to the same physics as the diagram at the top of this page;


Because the moon is almost exactly one light-second away from the earth (light takes 1.2 seconds to travel from the moon to the earth) that means that mass (expanding at the speed of light) expands  299,792,458  times its size during that distance.  In other words, the size of our eyes will be  299,792,458  times larger than they are at the beginning of this moon to earth expansion period.  And because light does not expand in space (light only moves when pushed by mass) that means that the image of the moon will be  299,792,458  times smaller than it actually is when it leaves its light imprint in space.

And this is proven by taking a photograph of the moon when it's high in the sky (because closer to the horizon the moon's image is larger via magnification through the earth's atmosphere).  Then if you have the image on a digital camera, you can alter the size of the image until it is exactly the same size as it is in the sky.  If you then measure the photo's diameter, the size will be approximately  1 cm.

Now if you take  1 cm  and multiply it by  299,792,458, the expansion factor from here to the moon, you will get the exact actual diameter of the moon;


Moon actual diameter = 3,474.8 km


Moon actual diameter = 347,480,000 cm


Moon diameter on photo image = approx.  1 cm

(Actual size of photo = 1.159069 cm)


When you multiply;


                           1.159069 cm (actual photo diameter)

                   x     299,792,458 (speed of light) (expansion factor)

                   =    347,480,000 cm

                   =     3,474.8 km (moon actual diameter)


Just another one of many proofs to the Unification of Gravity

with Einstein's  E=mc2






The Unification of Gravity with Einsteinís  E=mc2

was discovered by




See the complete and amazing story at

www. EinsteinGravity .com



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